Unleash the Fun of Arkham Horror LCG: A Solo Players’ Guide to Choosing the Perfect Order for Your Collection

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Unleash the Fun of the REVISED Arkham Horror LCG: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Order for Your Collection - Discover the Orderly Path to Maximize Your Enjoyment of Lovecraftian Horror!

Delving into the enigmatic and haunting world of Arkham Horror: The Card Game (LCG) is a thrilling experience that has captivated countless tabletop enthusiasts. While the cooperative gameplay and immersive storytelling have garnered widespread acclaim, one aspect of this extraordinary game stands out for those seeking a more intimate and solitary adventure: the solo mode. Maybe you’ve been wanting to try this in solo mode but don’t know what campaign to jump into first or if this game is even any fun in solo mode. We will explore the captivating realm of solo play and delve into why it offers an unparalleled experience for Lovecraftian horror enthusiasts across its many expansions.


First, prioritize purchasing expansions based on personal preference, as each campaign offers unique aspects of horror. Secondly, consider the order of ease for solo play, as diving into campaigns designed for optimized deck building can be challenging. With over 30 investigators and currently 8 revised expansions, the possibilities are endless.


Arkham Horror LCG’s solo mode opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing players to embark on perilous investigations into the depths of cosmic horror on their own. Whether you are unable to gather a group of investigators or simply prefer the solitude of exploring Arkham’s dark secrets alone, solo play provides an immersive and flexible experience that caters to your preferences and schedule. Unhindered by coordination challenges, you can fully immerse yourself in the haunting narratives, uncover hidden mysteries, and confront the eldritch abominations that lurk in the shadows.


If you like the horror genre but want to experience something a lot less crunchy my kids and I completely adore Zombicide 2nd Edition and all its expansions. It offers several core sets themed to different tastes such as:



Take a look at these articles we wrote on Zombicide:




 Also if you’d like to make Arkham Horror LCG into a themed game night with a movie check this out right here, I guarantee it’s up your alley!

Arkham Horror Revised Core Set 

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How to play Solo

The core set player cards are weak right out of the box so make sure you pick up some preconstructed investigator decks that you resonate with linked below. Before investing in other campaigns it will be wise to play through the core box starter scenario to see if you like how Arkham Horror LCG plays.


Most solo players control 2 decks and this is called double-handed play. When it comes to game rules you are still considered 1 player but your advantage is that you are using 2 investigators. The preconstructed investigator decks are solid straight out of the pack although some are better for certain scenarios than others and we’ll take a quick look at that in a second. Using the preconstructed investigator decks will save you the initial slog of deckbuilding until you get an idea of how this game plays and what your deck needs and you won’t feel underpowered or unbalanced in your first run-throughs.


In solo mode, you need to be able to do two things right from the start, fight and investigate all at once. For example, The investigators Ashcan Pete and his dog Duke have that combo. Take a look at this video explaining this deck derived from the core set and the Dunwich Horror campaign, it will help you get started in understanding card abilities.



This game is aimed at your particular tastes so after the core set scenarios you’ll want to choose either a campaign expansion or preconstructed player decks according to your style of play. For instance, Investigators come in 5 classes: Guardian, Seeker, Rogue, Mystic, and Survivor, along with the class-less Neutral cards. These classes represent the broad theme through their abilities and what cards they are allowed to draw from in deck building. Stella and Jacqueline contain cards that a wide range of Mystics and Survivors will want to play. This contrast with Winifred, who is a good investigator and exciting to play but has a bunch of cards that are only useful for Rogues. If you’re building a collection from the ground up and have a limited budget like the rest of us, you’ll want to prioritize expansions and starter decks that feature the most broadly useful cards so that you can diversify your deckbuilding options a bit faster. 

Nathaniel Precon Starter Deck

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Harvey Precon Starter Deck

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Jacqueline Precon Starter Deck

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Winifred Precon Starter Deck

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Stella Precon Starter Deck

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Before You Buy Understand The New Marketing

In the early days of Arkham Horror LCG, we used to have to buy multiple core set boxes to get enough cards to build solid decks, but Fantasy Flight Games is currently going over many of its LCG products and revising them. The revised Arkham Horror LCG offers enough cards for up to 4 players. However, as a solo mode player, this means you can optimize your deck extremely well right out of the box. So when you hear players say “buy 2 core sets” they are referring to the original core sets not the new revised edition.


The original way that Arkham Horror LCG was comprised was of thematic “cycles”. A cycle is a story-driven campaign that consists of multiple thematic scenarios. Every new expansion to the game was called a cycle. Each cycle had a Deluxe box with two scenarios and six separate scenario packs for that same cycle. A deluxe box had the first two scenarios of that cycle’s campaign, and the other six mythos packs had one scenario each. In the revised edition they have essentially separated out the player cards from the scenario cards into two separate boxes.


In the newly revised format, the Investigator Expansion has all Player Cards for that cycle. The Campaign Expansion includes all the original deluxe box scenario cards and the six separate scenario packs of that cycle. Basically, they are getting rid of the need to have so many packages on shelf space and consolidating them down to 2 boxes for each cycle.


It’s a bit confusing but here’s a summary of the difference between the new Campaign Expansion and the new Investigator Expansion currently on the market:


  • The New Campaign Expansion: Includes all scenario cards in the entire cycle that used to have to be bought separately.


  • The New Investigator Expansion: Includes all the player cards for deck building that used to come in the deluxe box and scenario packs of the cycle.



7 things I wish I would Have Known Before Buying

  1. This is a difficult, yet rewarding game that requires strategy and attention.
  2. Fantasy Flight Games markets its expansions intending for you to create better decks beyond the core set. For instance, jumping into The Circle Undone Expansion with only the core set decks will likely lead to a TPK (Total Party Kill).
  3. This game is about losing as much as it is about winning. 
  4. There are many fan-made Print and Play adventures for this game. I would link them but my favorite site is “Not Secure” so Google would flag my article. Google Arkham Central.
  5. This game takes up medium table space.
  6. This game is crunchy with lots of phases and multiple triggers from various cards in play. But not as crunchy as the Lord Of The Rings LCG but is slower than Magic: The Gathering.
  7. You’re going to need sleeves for all the cards. Sleeves protect the value of the card game investment from sticky fingers and rough shuffling. We recommend these 63.5 x 88mm sleeves.

New Player Buyers Guide To Madness!

To reiterate, this game provides a multitude of options to suit your preferred horror style. Fantasy Flight Games has streamlined their packaging of revised content, making it less confusing than the previous individual campaign packets. Follow these straightforward instructions:


1. Start with 1 Revised Core Set as the Revised Core Sets have plenty of cards, especially for solo play.


2. Moving forward, consider purchasing a few preconstructed Investigator decks, as there are five options available to choose from. Alternatively, you can opt to buy one or two campaigns, which will provide you with the most diverse options for deck building. Investing in the campaigns allows for greater flexibility in constructing your decks in the future, whereas acquiring the preconstructed Investigator decks offers a strong starting point but limited compatibility with potential future decks.



3. If you buy 1 or 2 pre-constructed investigator decks, I suggest choosing them for your favored classes. Then buy the Dunwich Legacy Campaign.


4. If your choice is to build your own player decks then buy 1 or 2 different campaigns but one of those should be the Dunwich Legacy Campaign and the Dunwich Legacy Investigator Box. For the other campaign, select based on your personal preference. Remember to purchase the Investigator box as well, as it contains valuable player cards. However, it’s worth noting that The Circle Undone is generally regarded as highly challenging and demands optimized deck building, particularly when playing solo.


5. Finally, once you have completed the initial campaigns, feel free to select any that pique your interest. Below, you’ll find a list with brief descriptions. For a comprehensive description, please click on the respective Affiliate link to Amazon. If you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission, but it won’t incur any additional cost for you.

Thank you for your support.



These are links to the Campaign Boxes but remember to grab the Investigator Boxes if you want player cards!


The Dunwich Legacy: This expansion takes you to the town of Dunwich, where you’ll face new challenges and uncover the secrets of an ancient book. It introduces new investigators, scenarios, and player cards that enhance the gameplay experience.


The Path to Carcosa: Prepare to be consumed by madness as you enter the twisted world of The Path to Carcosa. This expansion introduces a haunting storyline centered around a mysterious play, along with new investigators, scenarios, and cards that push the boundaries of reality.


The Forgotten Age: Embark on a perilous expedition to the heart of the Amazon jungle in The Forgotten Age. This expansion brings a new level of exploration and discovery, with punishing mechanics and the introduction of the “exploration” keyword. Brace yourself for the challenges that await.


The Circle Undone: Delve into the dark secrets of Arkham’s most influential families in The Circle Undone. Uncover a web of conspiracies, face off against powerful witches, and confront the terrors of the unknown. This expansion offers new investigators, scenarios, and cards that test your resolve.


The Edge of the Earth: Embark on an expedition to the frozen wilderness of Antarctica in The Edge of the Earth. Face the harsh elements, encounter ancient horrors, and navigate treacherous terrain in this thrilling expansion. Discover new investigators, scenarios, and player cards that push the boundaries of your sanity.


A Brief Description Of Investigator Classes


  • Guardian: The Guardian class specializes in combat and protection. They excel at dealing damage to enemies and providing support to their fellow investigators through protective abilities and healing.


  • Seeker: Seekers are intellectual investigators who focus on gathering clues and uncovering secrets. They excel at investigation, with a wide range of abilities that enhance their ability to find and decipher clues, as well as acquire valuable information.


  • Mystic: The Mystic class harnesses supernatural powers and mystical abilities. They have access to spells and rituals that can manipulate the arcane forces of the game world. Mystics are versatile, offering both offensive and defensive capabilities, and they excel at manipulating the chaos of the game.


  • Rogue: Rogues are resourceful investigators who excel at acquiring assets and dealing with obstacles in unconventional ways. They are skilled at evading enemies, obtaining valuable items, and performing daring feats. Rogues have a wide range of abilities that focus on flexibility and adaptability.


  • Survivor: Survivors are resilient investigators who excel at enduring and overcoming adversity. They have abilities that allow them to mitigate damage, heal themselves, and survive dire situations. Survivors also have unique mechanics that focus on resilience and gaining advantages from difficult situations.


In conclusion


Navigating the world of Arkham Horror LCG can be an exhilarating experience. With a strategic approach to building your collection and understanding the recommended buying order, you can enhance your solo play and fully immerse yourself in the dark and captivating Lovecraftian universe. Happy Gaming!

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