Experience Cool Comfort and Easy Installation: Discover the 5 Advantages of Mini-Split AC Systems!

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Save money on energy and enjoy the air quality benefits of a ductless air conditioning system. We'd like to provide you with a valuable breakdown on all of the Mini Splits benefits including a list you'll need for a DIY installation!

Are you tired of dealing with bulky ducting and high energy bills from conventional central AC systems? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the revolutionary world of mini-split AC systems, which offer a host of benefits over traditional cooling solutions.


Say goodbye to the hassle of installing and maintaining ductwork under your floors or in the attic. Mini-splits are ductless, making the installation process a breeze and ensuring energy loss is minimized, resulting in significant energy savings. Whether you want to cool or heat specific rooms without the need for complex duct systems, the ductless mini-split AC system is the perfect solution for you.


But that’s not all! If you or your loved ones suffer from dust and mold allergies, you’ll be delighted to know that mini-split systems prevent allergens from circulating throughout your home. By recirculating indoor air over cooling coils, these units maintain a cleaner and healthier environment.


Not only are they functional, but mini-split AC units are also impressively quiet, providing you with peaceful spaces for game rooms, creative content, or relaxation. Plus, their long lifespan of up to 15 years with minimal maintenance ensures years of reliable service.


Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner, fear not! Installing a Mini Split AC system is easier than you might think. We’ll provide you with all the essential information, from energy-saving insights to a comprehensive tools/parts list, ensuring a successful and straightforward installation process.


So, if you’re ready to experience a new level of comfort and convenience, join us as we explore the world of mini-split AC systems and uncover the incredible advantages they offer. Let’s dive in!”


To help you choose the correct BTU output for your home we’ve provided a link for you to calculate that with a  Home BTU calculator HERE.    




#1 Mini Split AC Units Are Easy To Install

Installing a mini split AC unit is much easier than installing traditional central air conditioning systems, particularly in older homes. Mini split AC units only require a small hole behind the interior unit for the conduit to connect the indoor and outdoor units, making installation fast and easy. 


Mini Split DYI


DIY MINI SPLIT INSTALLS: Below we have put a guide together of the tools and parts you’ll need for tackling the DIY install as well as linked two “How to install a Mini Split AC” video guides HERE. Remember to consider hiring a professional if you are not sure how to handle the electrical side of this.


PROFESSIONAL MINI SPLIT INSTALLS: Most reviewers report spending between $2000 and $3000 for a mini-split professional install. Be sure to call around your local area and get 2 or 3 quotes. Ask them about extra fees such as pouring a small pad if the compressor unit will be placed on the ground. Ask about the labor cost vs the cost of the parts.


Click here to skip to our Mini Split DIY Guide.


#2 Mini Splits Are For Any Space


These little beauties offer the most powerful performance on the market. They are highly reviewed as dependable, durable, and easy to use. With high-quality design and finish they are great for bedrooms, additions, living rooms, and even work areas like a grow room, garage, and RV. 


The aesthetic beauty of the mini split ac is quite different from the conventional window ac. The mini-split looks clean and sharp and can be placed virtually anywhere.


These systems are perfect for any game room allowing you to play your board games in comfort. If you’re planning on hosting a board game night and you want your guests to be comfortable then you need to read this article we wrote with inspirational ideas for spicing up your game night! Click Here to check it out!



#3 Mini Splits Are Energy Efficient Saving You Money 

Mini split AC units are incredibly energy efficient, particularly compared to traditional central air conditioning systems. Because they are ductless, they don’t need to work as hard or use as much energy, resulting in lower energy bills.


Typical duct systems lose 25% – 40% of their heating or cooling energy. Leaks may cause even more energy loss making the HVAC system work harder, thus increasing your utility bill.


On average, a central AC system uses 3,000 to 4,000 W.

Your electricity usage is measured in (kWh). One kilowatt (kW) is 1,000 Watts, this means that powering a typical central air conditioner for one day uses about 55 kWh of electricity.


Mini split AC reviewers are reporting as little as 6 kWh per day to as high as 20 kWh per day. So do Mini Split Ac Units save money? They Do!


#4 Mini Splits Are Quiet 

Mini split AC units are also much quieter than traditional central air conditioning systems. They emit about 32 decibels due to the compressor unit being located outside, so the noise doesn’t travel into your home. The indoor units are also whisper-quiet, making them perfect for bedrooms, home offices, or any other space where noise is a concern.


10 dB: Normal breathing sound. 

20 dB: Whispers from five feet away. 

30 dB: Whispering nearby. 

40 dB: Soft library sounds.

60-70 dB for a normal window ac unit.



The Mini SPlit AC Is Quiet Enough For A Bedroom


#5 Mini Splits Improve The Indoor Air Quality

Mini split AC units have a multi-stage filtration system that eliminates dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air. This means your indoor air quality will be much better, which is especially important if you or a family member suffers from allergies or respiratory problems.


Ductwork can get saturated with dust and mold and other allergens. The Mini Split is a ductless system meaning there is no air moving through dusty ducts or moister being trapped inside the ductwork of your traditional HVAC system. Mini Splits filter air through the indoor units filter but do not remove air from your home or replace it with outside air.


The Mini Split Improves Indoor Air Quality


Another air quality benefit of the Mini Split is its ability to dehumidify


A family of four can on average produce up to 20 pints of moister a day. All that moister has to go somewhere like your furniture, curtains, bed sheets, and clothing. Using the Mini Split to dehumidify the air in your home reduces the chance of musty odors from mold and mildew growth.   

Running the Mini Split in cooling mode naturally draws out the warm humid air from your home but you can also set your Mini Split to Dehumidify mode only. 


Most Mini Splits today can lower your current humidity levels by 44 to 55 percent. Your home’s ideal humidity should sit between 30 to 40 percent for an optimized atmosphere. 


If you’d like to read more on in-home air quality please check out this link to The EPAs Guide To Indoor Air Quality.


Features Of The Mini Split AC

HEATING AND COOLING: The 4-in-1 systems come with air conditioning, a built-in heat pump, a dehumidifier, and a fan.


REMOTE ACCESS: You may want to be able to cool or heat your home via remote access so be sure to check if your unit works with WIFI functions like SIRI, Google, Apple Home Kit, or Alexa.


FILTERS: The filters are super easy to pull and clean with just a small soft brush and water and a towel, then reinsert.


PROGRAMMING: Programing your mini split ac is accomplished through the remote control that includes x2 AA batteries. Here are some usual features for programming but be sure to check your specific brand. Most reviewers mention that you need to be in the same room as the unit to use the remote.

  • Dry (Dehumidify)
  • Heat
  • Fan
  • Auto Temp up/down
  • Timer
  • Fan Speed
  • Swing Arm (This function controls the blower which moves slightly up and down at a slow speed)
  • Turbo (This funtion increases the fan speed making the unit a bit louder but also getting the temp to desired level faster)
  • Led on/off
  • Self-Clean (This function uses the blower motor during downtime to quietly dry the evaporator coils to reduce the chance of mold buildup)


The Mini Split Ac Outdoor Unit Fits Anywhere

Senville LETO Series Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump




Klimaire DIY SEER Mini Split Heat Pump Air Conditioner





Mini Split DIY Install Guide


MINI SPLIT ACCESSORY BOX: Check with your make and model to be sure of the various sizes, but most accessory boxes that come with the unit contain:


  • 16ft of electrical communication harness for connecting the inside to the outside unit. 
  • 20ft of drainage tubing for water condensation.
  • 16 Ft. Insulated Pre-Flared copper refrigerant line set.
  • All-purpose heavy-duty tape.
  • PVC wall hole conduit piece.
  • Exterior wall hole covers.
  • Sealing clay for the hole cover to seal against the wall.
  • HVAC refrigerant lines. 
  • Note: Units do not include a wire harness for power between the exterior unit and the mini breaker box. You will need to make your own.


Like central systems, mini-splits have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A conduit, which houses the refrigerant line, power cable, refrigerant suction line, and condensate drain, links the outdoor and indoor units.


Refrigerant lines are two copper lines that connect the outdoor air conditioner or heat pump to the indoor evaporator coil.


The larger line typically carries a cool gas and is insulated. This is commonly referred to as the suction line, but it is also called the return line or vapor line.


The smaller uninsulated line typically carries a warm liquid. It is most often called the liquid line.


MINI SPLIT PARTS LIST: Your make and model may vary but typically you have two options for mounting the outside unit. One is a wall mount and the other is a ground mount. Either way, you’ll need to locate a power source. Many reviewers have rerouted an interior 110/115v outlet to an exterior mini breaker box by creating a 3/8 inch hole behind the outlet and rerouting the wires. Remember to be safe and hire a professional if needed.








  • Voltage tester (Affiliate Link)
  • Halex 30 amp HF30R usable disconnect breaker box. Check your unit amperage rating. 
  • 25 amp fuse. For inserting into the breaker box. Check your unit amperage rating.
  • Electrical Tape.
  • Clear silicon caulk to caulk the breaker box but leave the bottom open for drainage.



  • Drive pick for pushing through walls to find the drill hole position.
  • 3/8 inch drill bit.
  • Cordless Drill.
  • Level.
  • Silicon.
  • Stud finder.
  • Tape measure.
  • Drywall saw for an interior hole behind the blower unit.



In Conclusion
In conclusion, mini split AC units provide an excellent alternative to traditional central air conditioning systems. They’re easy to install, energy-efficient, quiet, and provide individual room temperature control, making them a great choice for any home.


These systems are cost-effective because they don’t require extensive installation of ductwork and they don’t lose cooling efficiency within traditional ducting. The separate indoor air handlers also don’t take up extra living space like conventional window units do. Plus with multiple units, you get the convenience of having temperature controls in each room, so you can customize the climate in each space.


If you’re looking for a modern, cost-effective solution to climate control, consider investing in a mini split AC  and get your family cooled off fast and affordable!


DIY Mini Split Install Videos

Here are two excellent takes on installing the Mini Split yourself. There are dozens of quality videos on YouTube to guide you!

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