Discover the Rich Lore and History of Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2e

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Explore the Stolen Lands in your next Adventure Path for Pathfinder Second Edition Kingmaker 2e
Explore the rich tapestry of lore and history in Pathfinder 2E: Kingmaker's Stolen Lands. Uncover ancient curses, legendary guardians, and epic quests in this captivating RPG world. Delve into the political intrigue and mythical realms that shape your kingdom's destiny.

The adventure is set in the Stolen Lands, a region within the fictional world of Golarion. The Stolen Lands are a lawless and untamed wilderness, and it’s up to the players to establish their own kingdom in this challenging environment. The game combines elements of traditional TTRPG gameplay with a kingdom management simulation, allowing players to not only engage in epic adventures but also make important decisions about the governance and development of their kingdom.


The Kingmaker 2e Adventure Path presents a full-length campaign that chronicles the rise of a new nation—a kingdom built and ruled by your player characters! Face off against bands of bloodthirsty bandits, deadly and dangerous monsters, and mysterious menaces from other realities as you fight to claim the Stolen Lands as your own. Will you rule with justice and mercy, or will you become the very monsters you fought to oppose? In the Kingmaker 2e Adventure Path, the destiny of the world’s newest nation is yours to decide!


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I. Pathfinder Second Edition Offers Mature Settings!


The Stolen Lands:

The Stolen Lands are a fictional region within the world of Golarion, which is the primary setting for the Pathfinder 2e role-playing game. Golarion is a planet in a universe created for the Pathfinder campaign setting.


The Stolen Lands are located to the south of the region known as Brevoy. Brevoy is a neighboring realm and is directly north of the Stolen Lands. The city of Restov in Brevoy is where the Swordlords, who sponsor the player’s expedition, are based. Restov is a prominent city in Brevoy and serves as a starting point for the player’s adventure into the Stolen Lands.


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Geographically, the Stolen Lands are located in the northeastern part of the River Kingdoms. The River Kingdoms themselves are a collection of independent city-states situated along the Sellen River, which runs through central Avistan (one of the continents on Golarion). The River Kingdoms are known for their rugged, untamed wilderness, and their decentralized political structure.


To give you a sense of the broader context, Golarion is a world rich in diverse landscapes, cultures, and histories. It features various continents, seas, and regions, each with its own unique characteristics and civilizations. The Stolen Lands, within the River Kingdoms, represent a particularly wild and lawless area, providing an exciting backdrop for the adventures and challenges presented in Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2e.


Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms



Picture of the Stag Lord of the Stolen Lands South of Brevoy

II. Unravel the Stag Lord’s Enigma: A Menace in the Stolen Lands


The Stag Lord:

The game’s story kicks off with the presence of a notorious bandit leader known as the Stag Lord. He terrorizes the Stolen Lands, making it even more treacherous for settlers and explorers.


The Stag Lord, a menacing figure in “Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2e,” commands a notorious bandit operation within the Stolen Lands. Nestled deep in the heart of this lawless wilderness, his stronghold serves as a hub for criminal activities and a base for his marauding band of outlaws. Under his ruthless leadership, the Stag Lord’s operation engages in pillaging, extortion, and terrorizing the surrounding settlements, making him a feared figure among the local populace. The stronghold itself is strategically positioned near Nivakta’s Crossing, a critical point for trade and travel, allowing the Stag Lord to exert significant influence over the region’s main arteries of commerce. His operations pose a grave threat to any attempts at civilization and order within the Stolen Lands, making his defeat a crucial step towards establishing a more stable and lawful presence in the territory.



Jamandi Aldori Sword Lord of Restov Pathfinder 2e Kingmaker 2e

III. Swordlords of Restov: Sponsors and Protectors of the Expedition


The Swordlords of Restov:

The story begins with the player’s character being chosen by the Swordlords of Restov, a powerful group of knights, to explore and tame the Stolen Lands. They grant you the authority to act on their behalf.


The Swordlords are a prominent organization in the world of Golarion, particularly in the region of Brevoy. Here’s some information about them:


  • Origin and Purpose: The Swordlords of Restov, or simply “Swordlords,” are an elite group of skilled swordsmen and warriors who hail from the city of Restov in the region of Brevoy. They are known for their exceptional proficiency in swordplay and combat techniques.

  • Historical Significance: The Swordlords once ruled over the region of Rostland, which is part of Brevoy. However, the region eventually became part of the River Kingdoms, a collection of independent and often warring city-states. Despite losing their direct political control, the Swordlords retained their prestige and influence.

  • Mastery of the Duelling Sword: The Swordlords are particularly renowned for their expertise in wielding the dueling sword, a specialized weapon designed for precise and skilled combat. They often use this weapon as a symbol of their order.


Aldori Sword Lord Dueling Style Pathfider 2e Kingmaker 2e


  • Protectors of Rostland: While they no longer rule over Rostland, the Swordlords continue to be seen as protectors of the region’s traditions and values. They are dedicated to maintaining the cultural and historical heritage of Rostland.

  • Role in Pathfinder: Kingmaker: In “Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2e,” the player’s character is chosen by the Swordlords to explore and tame the Stolen Lands. They grant the player the authority to act on their behalf in this endeavor.

  • Political Influence: The Swordlords have significant political influence, both in Restov and throughout Brevoy. They are considered a powerful faction within the region’s complex political landscape.

  • Individual Swordlords: While the term “Swordlords” refers to the organization as a whole, there are individual members who hold titles and positions of authority within the order. These prominent figures may play specific roles in the politics and events of Brevoy.

  • Continued Legacy: The Swordlords and their legacy continue to be an important part of the lore and history of Brevoy, and their influence is often felt in the political and social dynamics of the region.



Explore the untaimed wilds of the Stolen Lands in Pathfinder 2e Kingmaker 2e

IV. Player-Driven Realms: Kingmaker’s Dynamic Interactions and Choices


  • Exploration and Conquest: The player’s mission is to explore the Stolen Lands, clear out threats, and establish a kingdom. This involves making a series of choices, which can lead to different outcomes and significantly impact the development of the kingdom.
  • Ancient Curse: One of the central plot elements is the presence of an ancient curse that plagues the Stolen Lands. This curse has long-lasting effects on the region and plays a major role in the unfolding story.
  • Companions and NPCs: Throughout the game, the player meets various companions, each with their own background stories, motivations, and personalities. Interacting with them can lead to different outcomes and even shape the player’s personal narrative.


Political alliances in Pathfinder 2e Kingmaker 2e


  • Political Intrigue and Alliances: As the player establishes their kingdom, they must navigate the complex web of politics and alliances within the River Kingdoms. This involves dealing with neighboring rulers, rival factions, and various power struggles.
  • Divine and Arcane Forces: The game also delves into the presence of divine and arcane forces in the world of Golarion, with various deities and magical phenomena playing a significant role in the overarching narrative.
  • Endgame Threats: As the player’s kingdom grows, they face increasingly powerful threats, both from within and outside their borders. These challenges culminate in a series of epic confrontations that determine the ultimate fate of the Stolen Lands.


The game’s narrative is heavily influenced by player choices, with multiple branching paths and endings depending on the decisions made throughout the adventure. This dynamic storytelling element is a hallmark of the Pathfinder RPG system and is faithfully reproduced in “Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2e.”

The River Kingdoms of Pathfinder 2e Kingmaker 2e

V. Political Intrigue and Alliances in the River Kingdoms


The River Freedoms, also known as the “Six River Freedoms,” are a set of principles that govern the behavior and interactions of individuals within the River Kingdoms. These freedoms are considered fundamental to the ethos of the region and are upheld as a code of conduct. Here are the Six River Freedoms:


  1. Say What You Will, I Live Free: This freedom emphasizes the value of free speech and open expression. In the River Kingdoms, individuals are encouraged to speak their minds without fear of retribution.

  2. Oathbreakers Die: This principle places a high value on personal integrity and trustworthiness. Those who betray their oaths or commitments may face severe consequences, including loss of reputation or even exile.

  3. Walk Any Road, Float Any River: This freedom underscores the spirit of independence and exploration that defines the River Kingdoms. Residents have the right to travel and navigate waterways freely, reflecting the untamed nature of the region.

  4. Courts Are for Kings: This principle reflects the decentralized nature of governance in the River Kingdoms. It emphasizes that each individual is, in essence, their own ruler and responsible for their own justice. Formal courts and legal systems are not prevalent.

  5. Slavery Is an Abomination: The River Kingdoms vehemently oppose the practice of slavery. This freedom asserts that no one should be subject to forced servitude or bondage.

  6. You Have What You Hold: This principle emphasizes the value of personal property and the right to defend it. It supports a culture of self-reliance and self-defense, where individuals are responsible for protecting their own holdings.


These Six River Freedoms serve as the cornerstone of the River Kingdoms’ unique culture and societal norms. They reflect the region’s emphasis on individualism, self-governance, and the pursuit of personal freedom.




In Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2e, the allure of power, the thrill of exploration, and the weight of meaningful decisions converge to create an unforgettable gaming experience. As a Game Master, you’ll have the canvas to craft a rich and evolving world, while players will find themselves immersed in a story where their choices truly shape the course of events. With its deep lore, engaging characters, and a kingdom to call your own, this adventure path offers boundless opportunities for epic adventures and memorable storytelling. Embark on this journey, and let the Stolen Lands be the stage for your legend!

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