How To Throw An Awesome Pool Party + Game Night!

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Need help to throw a pool party? We’ve got pool party host tips, checklists, printable invitations, theme ideas, and how to combine them all with a game night!

Being the host of the party can be an overwhelming task for even the most energetic and organized person. Think of all the traffic in and out of your home and the different personalities all in the same thousand square feet. It doesn’t have to be a traumatizing event to remember. There is a way to make good memories and have some summer fun. In this article, we’ll dive in and see how.


For a smooth Pool Party Game Night, the host needs to enlist a few helpful friends. Delegate tasks to avoid being overwhelmed. Assign 3 helpers: a food boss, an outside pool boss, and a board game boss, dividing the party into sections for seamless coordination.


Ensure guest availability and consider any special needs. Plan the party theme and budget, including decorations and food expenses. Accommodate food allergies and choose a convenient time for everyone. Set the mood with an evening pool party potluck, followed by campfire treats or a movie. Establish wet and dry areas, with rotating parent lifeguards for kids. Opt for easy-to-learn games. Assign tasks for food, pool setup, and board games. Enjoy socializing and creating joyful moments for guests. Find helpful items below like; printables, checklists, decor ideas, invitations, and more, to make your pool party a breeze. Let us inspire you!



So you have a pool and you like board games and you want to combine them into one fantastic party. You’re going to need to brainstorm a few ideas and come up with a plan of attack before you propose the idea to anyone. You’ll need to decide if this pool party will have a theme that everyone likes and if that theme will be simple decorations or if it will include dressing up and or a themed menu as well. You might even want to create specialized invitations to set the mood. In fact, cards and simple posters can set the ambiance without breaking the bank!


Before you get started thinking about the ideas below you should quickly print out the helpful pool party planning checklist we made for you:


Pool Party Planner PDF.



Brain Dump Planner PDF.




  • Theme: Will you have a themed party and if so will it include everyone dressing up? For instance, if you decided on a fairy party you could ask everyone to add a simple flair to their attire and bring a potluck item they associate with the theme. Be sure to organize people into potluck groups of refreshments, meals, and snacks. The theme should accommodate pool activities if the guest will be enjoying the water so that costumes and makeup are easily removable. You may want to consider group photos before any water action takes place.


Next, there are many more questions to ask yourself and the other party planners as you prepare your to-do lists. We’ve provided you with the following sections to assist that process and threw in some helpful Amazon Affiliate product links so everything is in one place. We hope it inspires you! I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you follow the links to purchase. Thank you!


  • Decorations: You’ll need to brainstorm possible decorations. Will it be a simple decor such as printable invitations, flyers, and page-sized posters or will it include in-depth costumes and specific games, food, and music? If it’s a game night pool party that will usually be theme enough especially for your first time. Let the pool games and board games do the talking! Check out our simple theme suggestions you can add to flair up any pool party!






  • Refreshments: What kind of drinks and refreshing treats such as popsicles will you provide or assign? Are you going to need ice on hand and will you be using a cooler or two? Perhaps you can ask someone to bring their cooler in case you need extra storage. Click Here to check out our simple poolside popsicle suggestions for refreshing your guests. Don’t forget some extra reliable cooler storage by Clicking Here!


  • Meals And Snacks: Will you need a barbeque and grill person active during the party or are the potluck items sufficient for your guest? Is it enough food for everyone or will you need snacks on hand just in case? Are the snacks very messy and will you need cleaning supplies ready for spills and accidents? Looking for easy finger food for your pool parties? Then Click Here to check out this colorful way to jazz up any snack into finger food for kids AND adults! Also, take a peek at this highly-rated Amazon’s Choice BBQ for grilling by Clicking Here!


  • Possible Helpers:  Instead of taking the whole weight of the party on yourself and being exhausted after you’ll need to turn to your besties for help. Divvy up To-Do between them and your household people. Check out our party planners section by Clicking Here.


  • Lifeguard:  Who will act as the lifeguard if there are kids involved and will it be a rotating shift? It’s important to assign someone so that there is always a watchful adult eye. Things happen quickly even if you just poke your head inside for a moment to grab a snack it might be the one time you miss an accident in the pool. We always use life jackets for our little ones and it’s cute to watch them bob and float! Click Here to check out our highly-rated life jacket suggestion for little ones and they come in 4 different colors!


  • Music: If you’re going to have music keep in mind neighbors and appropriate music. What might be okay in your family may not be okay in another. Also, keep in mind that some are Highly Sensitive Persons that do not do well with background noise like music, it triggers their fight or flight response. Click Here to check out the powerful SPLASHPROOF JBL BT Party box to liven up any get-together and works great for nighttime pool games!


  • Finale:  Decide how long the pool party should last and begin the finale a little before that point. If the pool party finale is going to be inside movie and popcorn then it may be a good idea to shut the pool down and dry everyone off first. If it’s going to be a campfire it may be a good idea to have it started as someone is closing the pool down. A finale is a good way to kindly say it’s almost time to go home. After smores make your campfire magical with the highly-rated campfire color changer packets! Click Here to see the magic for yourself!


  • Wet And Dry Areas: Because of traffic to and from the house for food and bathrooms and boardgames it will be good to designate a wet play area and a dry play area with rules about constant crossing between them. We have two suggestions: Firstly, a reversible outdoor straw mat like this, Click Here, has provided a clean drying area for our guests for many years! Secondly, a portable poolside towel rack like this, Click Here, is a perfect investment for setting up a drying-off area!


  • Board Games And Pool Games: What board games and pool games will you be teaching? Does anyone need to bring their game with them to the party? Remember to determine if the game is a suitable pool party game for kids or if is it best for adults you may need to clear out the pool first. Click Here for our easy-to-learn game suggestions!


  • Bring your own towel BYOT: It is important to specify on the invitations and through text that the guests need to bring their own towels. This will save you tons of laundry time and cost.


  • Alcohol?: Will this party include adult drinks and if so how hard will those drinks be? Is there a limit? Do keys need to be collected? Keep in mind children and neighborhood noise rules. Keep in mind the various personalities in close proximity.


  • First aid: Accidents happen. As the host, it’s a good idea to have basic first aid around for cuts and stings. If you have kids then like most parents you probably need to restock. Click Here to check out this affordable bestseller!


  • Entry fee: Will there be a cover charge? If you’re doing most of the cooking it might be a good idea to have a friendly $$ cover charge by directly addressing it in the invitation and supplying a crafty entry fee box at the doorway. Click here to check out this simple and crafty fee box that you can customize with a message!


  • Prepping: Keep in mind the amount of cleaning that will need to be done before guests arrive. The party planners should assist with this as well as household members. Pool cleaning, House, Yard, Games, Campfire, and Movie all must be accomplished so that your guests feel like you wanted them there. We suggest our article on above-ground pools where you’ll find helpful hacks on pool maintenance! Check that out Here!



The Party Planners


Once you’ve proposed your idea it’s good to get feedback and adjust your grandiose plans to something that can realistically be done with ease so that it perhaps can become a recurring event for everyone. Remember a pool party game night is a fun way to introduce people to their first board game so it is quite possible that this party can be the catalyst for a board game night too. It’s time to call up a few of your besties and propose the idea to them. Allow them to provide input. Ask them for help and ask them which tasks they would be willing to help with. Decide on a budget for the theme decoration and food. Remember that this can be accomplished easily by allowing everyone to dress in costume with props and bring a potluck item. This ensures that everyone feels like they are personally contributing to the theme and addressing their own food concerns. Divide the tasks:


Dividing The Tasks


Food Boss: This person is in charge of arranging the food and making sure everyone is fed. Duties include:


  • Checking on guests.
  • Remind guests about refreshments.
  • Keep food warm and covered.
  • Refill snacks.
  • Keeps food area sanitary.
  • Packages remaining food.


Outside Boss: This person is in charge of preparing the pool and outside wet area and campfire while also acting as DJ for the music selection. Duties include:


  • Makes sure the pool is ready for guests and the pump is circulating.
  • Checks on the pool and reminds guests to keep food away from the pool.
  • Explains and teach the pool games.
  • Preps movie and popcorn or campfire and smores.
  • Makes sure music volume is at a safe level and keeps playlist in theme.
  • Checks on the outside guests to make sure they’re hydrating.


Boardgame Boss: This person is in charge of the board games and bathroom area. Duties include:


  • Preps easy-to-learn board games on a couple of tables in the dry area and set out one-page rules. 
  • Checks on players and explains the game
  • Keeps drinks and dirty hands off the games.
  • Moderates arguments.
  • Restocks the bathroom.


This is a good spot to mention that we wrote an article on How To Host A Family Game Night. It’s perfect for getting inspiration on how to take care of your guests in the dry area of the pool party.


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Pool Party Invitations


The quickest way to create quality pool party invitations that you can download immediately and send over your phone is through Zazzle! They allow you to customize hundreds of pre-styled invitations and options to create your own unique invitations. They also have interest-free payment options through Klarna Inc.


Why you’ll love it:
  • High-quality professional printing
  • Free double-sided printing
  • Perfect papers for every occasion
  • Immediate Downloads 
  • Free envelopes
  • Customizable designs by Independent Creators
  • Free shipping with Zazzle Plus
  • Made for you when you order
  • Free & Easy Returns


Here are a couple of our favorites, just click and edit them how you desire!



Quick Easy Summer Treats


Maybe you like inventive popsicles as much as us! These tasty treats will refresh any child or adult in a snap!

21 Instagram Ice-Pops!

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Awesome Refreshing Popsicles!

Click Here

Dreamsicle Popsicles


Popsicle Mold 12 Pieces Silicone Easy Release. Comes in 2 colors!

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Homemade Popsicle Molds Shapes, Silicone Frozen Ice Popsicle Maker-BPA Free!


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5 Easy And Tasty Clean Energy Drinks To Serve During Your Board Game Night


Pool Game Ideas




Amazon Link

Click Here

Watermelon Ball

The Rules:

Two teams compete to score points by successfully getting the Watermelon Ball to the goal. Anything that is equal on opposite sides can act as the goal. The Watermelon ball must be touched to the designated goal and remain underwater. If the Watermelon ball is thrown or raised above the water this results in a penalty.


Watermelon Ball plays like a game of rugby, but all passes must be underwater. The Watermelon Ball is specifically engineered for use underwater.  Players may try to block opponents or make underwater passes. The first team to score five points is deemed the Watermelon Ball winner.

Amazon Link

Click Here


Pool Noodle Joust

The Rules:

Stand your ground in one-to-one or team vs team combat! Slash, jab, and bludgeon as you pool noodle joust to victory! 


All it takes is one headshot and your out. Wait against the side of the pool for the last few combatants. The last team standing wins!

Amazon Link

Click Here


Pool Booty Treasure Hunt

The Rules:

A member from each team has a number of seconds to gather a designated variety of gems. They must hold onto all the gems and only surface to catch their breath. 


The team member wins a point for each set collected and extra points if all sets are collected.


The team with the most points after everyone has tried is the winner.



Board Game Ideas


Captin Sonar

The Rules:

Battleship-style fun as you plot your course with your submarine crew members while trying to hunt and evade the other team. Plays up to 8 and plays well with 4 also.


Each team of 4 has a crew member with a specific job: Captin calls the shots, the First Mate checks the submarine’s systems, the Engineer tracks the breakdowns that occur, and the Radio Operator tracks the opposing team’s submarine trying to estimate their position.


The first team to destroy the other teams sub wins the game!

Amazon Link

Click Here



The Rules:

Be the first to get four in a row with a single shared characteristic such as height, color, shape, or solidness, placing one piece per turn.

Contrary to normal gameplay, it’s your opponent that chooses the piece you place on your turn, which increases the challenge!


Amazon Link

Click Here



The Rules:

Each player will begin with 5 facedown cards (their village), peeking at two of theirs before starting. Each turn, a player will draw a card and may exchange it into their village OR discard it to activate the card’s ability. Multiple cards may be discarded in an exchange if they all match, and/or include the 13 that behaves as a wild. When a player has 4 or fewer cards & believes they have the least amount of points, they can call for a vote on their turn without taking any other action. If correct, the caller will receive a score of 0 as well as the Silver Amulet of protection for the next round. If incorrect, they will receive their sum plus 10 extra points. All other players receive their sum. After 4 rounds, the lowest score wins!


Integrating Other Decks

Silver is the first of a series – each game with all unique abilities. The numbers can be switched deck to deck to make endless combinations for new unique gameplay!


Amazon Link

Click Here

Are you looking for a pool this summer? Feel like throwing your own pool party but don’t want to break the bank for an in-ground pool?


Check out our article by clicking below:


Is An Above Ground Pool A Good Investment?


We definitely believe that you’ll find this article helpful for learning things like:


  • Water treatment options such as chlorine, saltwater, and ozone systems.
  • Why Sand Filter water pumps work great.
  • Required maintenance and options to reduce time and cost.
  • Durability and age range of an above-ground pool.
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