Pathfinder 2E Multiclassing: A Guide for New Dungeon Masters and Players

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Pathfinder 2E TTRPG Multiclassing Archetypes
Unlocking the Multiclassing Mystery in Pathfinder 2E: Embrace the Archetypes

You’ve probably noticed a recent and thrilling switch from DnD5e to Pathfinder 2e, all thanks to Paizo’s Announcement of their System-Neutral Open RPG License (Open Gaming License OGL). As a player who adores the bard class and once had all my kids play as a traveling band, I was intrigued by the prospect of multiclassing in this new system. In DnD 5e, multiclassing often resulted in class skill mismatches and level caps that limited character optimization. But Pathfinder 2e takes a different approach, introducing archetypes to customize our characters in a more refined and flavorful way.

Druid Archetype Multiclass Feat for New DMs
Druid Dedication PF2E Core Rule Book PG225

Understanding Pathfinder 2E’s Unique Multiclassing System


Pathfinder 2E New DM Archetype BreakdownIn Pathfinder 2e, multiclassing takes a fresh turn, deviating from the traditional approach found in previous versions of DnD. Instead of directly leaving your original class, you add bits and pieces of other classes through non-class archetype feats. This system preserves the specificity of classes through class feats, which can be exchanged for multiclassing through the archetypes class “Dedication”. For example, a Bard Class can take the Rouge Archetype Dedication Feat, and after fulfilling that feats requirements the player may choose other Archetype Dedications or more feats within that same dedication. 

Pathfinder 2E All Characters Created and Multiclassed
Playing Odyssey Of The Dragonlords PF2E Conversion With Lots Of Multiclassing

The Versatility of Archetypes


Archetypes are the building blocks of multiclassing in Pathfinder 2e. They offer a broad array of possibilities to customize your character without diluting your primary class. These archetypes introduce unique feats that grant specific abilities from other classes. Suppose you’re playing a Rouge and yearn for a mystical feel like the Bard. In that case, you can take the “Bard Dedication” archetype, which will unlock the Bard’s distinct abilities, complementing your Rouge’s versatile repertoire.

Optimization vs. Roleplay


As a player, you might wonder whether it’s better to fully immerse yourself in one class or blend multiple archetypes to maximize character efficiency. Pathfinder 2e encourages roleplay-centric decisions while maintaining a semblance of balance. Multiclassing enables you to create unique characters that synergize well with your party without overshadowing primary classes. So, if you cherish role play but want to experiment with different abilities, archetypes provide a smooth and satisfying avenue. 


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Select The Right Archetypes New DMs Guide to Pathfinder 2E
Select Your Characters Path With Archetypes

Selecting the Right Archetype


Pathfinder 2E New DMs Guide To Multiclassing Tips


Pathfinder 2e boasts a plethora of classes and archetype feats, each catering to diverse playstyles and preferences. Whether you wish to channel the prowess of a duelist, the charm of a captivator, or the allure of a celebrity, there’s an archetype for you. Plus, with the Free Archetype variant rule, you can gain extra archetypes at regular intervals, further enriching your character’s toolkit. The free archetype variant rule found on page 194 of the Game Mastery Guide  is often used to give the whole party a shared feat that highlights elements of a shared background story. As I said above, I once used this during a family TTRPG game night with my kids and they were a traveling band of bards amount other class archetype features, It was amazing!


Beginner DM playing Pathfinder 2E with Kids

The Beauty of Pathfinder 2E’s Multiclassing


In Conclusion:

Multiclassing in Pathfinder 2e embraces the strengths of each class, allowing you to add flavorful touches to your character while preserving the essence of your primary class. It’s a blend of customization and roleplay that seamlessly fits within the game’s mechanics. So, as you embark on your adventures in the vast world of Pathfinder 2e, savor the joy of discovering your character’s true potential while making sure your roleplay and party dynamics are a perfect harmony. Happy multiclassing and storytelling!

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